A lack of recent blog posts is a testimony to the business of life as I run the final stretch of the race to finish my PhD. Most of my energies now have been poured into writing, with an occasional breather through walks on the beautiful North Wales coast line.

My next paper will be given in Prague at Charles University. This year I am focusing on the interaction between Johannes Kepler and Robert Fludd, showing the link between London antiquarians and Prague astronomers. Following this will be the Medieval & Renaissance Music Conference at the University of Nottingham where I am giving a paper on the manuscript tradition of English theoretical sources.

Among my various recent research trips, I have been also entertained by the scribbles of past scholars working through the same sources - only these readers seemed to have found the contents tiresome, or so I like to imagine about the person who decided to put this lovely lady in the lower margin of a Boethius manuscript.

In the meantime, I must return to writing my thesis...