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Teaching Music History in April 2020: Covid-19 Interrupts, but Does Not Stop Us

It has been three weeks now since my classroom was abruptly moved into my home office, onto my computer, into Zoom, Google Forms, emails, and, and, and...

Today was the first day since the changeover that I truly could not face any work.

I felt depleted. I felt drained.

So instead, I am writing a rambling blogpost with various thoughts about my experience over the last three weeks.

In general, I have stopped using paper notebooks in recent years, mostly because in teaching at several institutions, travel with 'luggage' weighs me down. But my immediate reaction to everything moving online was to incorporate paper and pen back into my life.

When this all started in the second week of March, I began to take notes about my feelings, notes that seemed helpful at the time, todos, and agendas for classes all into a paper notebook. I suppose this is not too surprising. It is actually more practical to be able to see what I needed to do on something that wasn&#…

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