'Walter of Evesham and His Nine Ladies: Explaining musica in Medieval England'

Music Seminar Series
Tuesday 31 January 2012
Music Hall
School of Music
Bangor University


The Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies has awarded Dr. Christian Leitmeir and myself funding to enable a small workshop scheduled to take place in July 2012.

Medieval Music Theory in Context (July 2012, exact date tbc)
After years of relative stagnation, the study of medieval music theory is showing the signs of a vital renaissance. Ironically, it is the marginal status of this field which has reignited this interest: as the study of medieval theory moved from the centre of musicology towards its periphery, scholars have become increasingly aware of its close interconnections with other disciplines, discourses and modes of representing knowledge in medieval culture.

A fresh and manifold approach suffers but from the hindrance that specialists are divided between different disciplines and lack a research infrastructure. Building on a workshop for musicologists in Bangor (July 2011), IMEMS supports an interdisciplinary one-day workshop with the aims to identify common areas of interests, synergies and complementary methodologies among a wider range of medievalists.