There are few things which delight me more than a good cup of coffee.  
I simply enjoy that sensation of grasping a mug of coffee, steaming hot, straight from the pot and contemplate what the day will bring forth.  
One of the great things about Portland, OR is the vast amount of coffee connoisseurs all living within an accessible region.    
So, on my current visit to Portland, I couldn't help but smile when I saw this version of the famous British saying 'Keep Calm and Cary On,' initiated in 1939 during the turmoil of World War II.  
The original sign, however, was apparently never used at the time but has risen in popularity since some market genius snatched the catchy phrase and made decorative objects from them.  
Whatever the original story, it made me smile and I hope it makes you too.  
Now, go get that cup of know you want to!