Photograph: Cymru

photograph by elina g hamilton


elina g hamilton
The green grass sways carelessly in the summer wind.
The gray sheep stand naked, the white wool bundled in a hut somewhere being prepared to keep a child warm from the harsh winter wind.

The white clouds stand tall in the distant sky.
The sails run along the blue, blue sea, lazily soaking in the warm sunlight.

A gull screeches.

A child squeals.



It seems there are no cares in the world - just nature stirring gently,
quietly existing yet proclaiming something,

something deeper than life,
something stronger than the present.

Year after year after year, life emerges, life disappears.

The grass seems greener, the sky paler.

Buttercups swing effortlessly, tired already of the late spring.

My academic year continues in North Wales, although a conclusion has been made in the first part of my MA - Distinction and The Parry Williams Postgraduate Scholarship Prize have been awarded to me for my work that I accomplished.

I have a busy few months ahead of me between completing my dissertation, Utrecht Medeival and Renaissance Music Conference, attending my brother's wedding in Portland, learning Latin and moving into my new apartment in the little castle town of Conwy...
My proposal has been handed in for my PhD application:
Teaching the Old and the New: Didactic Applications of Fourteenth-Century Music Theory

I am so excited about this topic, I can hardly wait to actually start working on it. In the mean time, my MA dissertation is turning into an academic conference which I am organizing. The conference will most likely be held in March 2010 in Bangor. It will be exciting to see different scholars take part in this conference.