A Saturday Afternoon in Cymru

the lambs are growing up so quickly.
scampering around the beautiful green welsh meadows with their brothers and sisters,
they try out their little legs in the spring sunshine.
wales is peaceful in the spring.
after the fierce winter winds and rain, there is a calm that is unexplainable.
lilacs are popping, daffodils blooming and the hills are covered in yellow bushes.

The ocean has been extremely blue from the reflection of the sky.
The salt smells strong in the morning.
The mountains turn purple; it is really unbelievably beautiful

i just spent the day in my favorite beautiful welsh town, conwy. i finally finished all of my assignments that i had been working on throughout the easter break. final submission for essays is thursday, and i have done just about everything i can think of to make my essays worthy. so, to get out of my small little dorm room, i decided a day out in the castle town was a good way to celebrate. i wish my camera was not ill. there were some beautiful pictures waiting to be taken today. small fishing boats were all lined up for the weekend, leisure boats were out grasping every ray of sunshine they could, enjoying the whole process. families escaping large cities and the hustle and bustle of life were enjoying the little tourist traps the town has to offer. kids with ice cream cones, shivering while licking their sweet frozen treats as the cool air across the sea contradicted the warmth from the sun.

during my wondering through the town, i found an art gallery.
i had woken up this morning wondering how i wanted to spend my beautiful sunny day off and had considered a short day trip up to liverpool for some good artistic indulgence, something which i have been craving of late.
i decided not to pay fifteen pounds to get up to liverpool, and opted for the three pounds to conwy. good choice for a post graduate student who has been in university for five years going on eight.
yes, three pounds it was for a getaway today.

wondering down cobblestone roads, i found this afore-mentioned gallery and was pleased to find the art and the artist quite interesting. i stood there, examining the lines and colours, or perhaps i should say lack of colour, many of his works were white and black: but black and white are also colours.
who decided that they weren't?

i just stood there, like you are suppose to when examining art.

i really enjoy just observing the art, trying to figure our if there is any meaning behind it, what the artist was trying to convey, and what inspired or influenced him to work on a square patch of canvas that eventually gets mounted on the wall.
what does he want the observer to see?

i picked up a brochure of the artist, laying there neatly on the table at the entrance, and began to read what his art was all about.

Process Play Paradox
Flow Chaos Contemplation
Wave Particle Space Time

'everything flows'

he was inspired by a variety of different things from a variety of different times in history and a variety of different philosophies.

Heraclitus' meditation of nature's processes.
Ian Stewart, mathematician.
Martin Heideger and his concept of 'Gelassenheit' (releasment).
John Cage's philosophy of letting sounds be.
Piano etudes by Gyorgy Ligeti.

you see, art is a complex medium. there are many things which influence it, and many things it influences. that is why i love it so much. music can influence visual art and visual art can influence music. math can influence both equally as well.
art reflects those many things that so many people never take the time to think about.
it stops people, as it should, and tries to tell them something.

peter holloway did that for me today, and i quite enjoyed myself.

oh, my little welsh town.

dw'in liccio cymru.