Summer Challenge: Week 16

Last day of Summer Vacation in Maine
I took my second long weekend vacation trip planned out for this summer. It was a beautiful trip into the wilderness, peaceful, calm, quiet, and tranquil. Having just returned, I am thrilled that I feel refreshed and ready to hit my busy schedule as activities for the new academic year are already beginning to pile onto my calendar.

My database is now complete for what I want and need it to be as I start to work on more details for the upcoming semester. I have a folder called "new discoveries" which contain small little discoveries that I made during the massive data input which will now need to be investigated and contextualized. This will be what I will do during my research days and scheduled hours in the autumn semester. I also need to finish editing an article that I have been working on bit by bit. In the spare moments of this past week I took the time to re-examine what I have and edited out some sections that really did not belong there. I am still struggling to find a good logical way to introduce and present the opening of my article and believe that this will take some time to contemplate.

As I enter week 17 of summer, this will likely be one of my last summer challenge posts. Next week, I will look over my entire summer goals, plans, actions, and results to gather what I learned in how I worked this summer. I hope that this will help me understand my own productivity and working habits so that I know how much work I can actually manage during these types of extended time of research.