Summer challenge: Week 15

I honestly cannot believe that I have been able to maintain 15 weeks of continuous work towards my summer goal. The act of writing a public post at the end of each week has definitely been a motivational point for my summer, which could otherwise have easily slipped away without intention. It feels good to be able to see how many tasks I have completed on my list in Things and that I have reflected on my work weekly to ensure that I am remaining on track.

This week I spent more time working on finishing my database. I have 9 more manuscripts to enter which will easily be done by the end of August. What I plan to do with the database will be determined after I complete it and I have scheduled a time to sit down and review what things stand out initially as interesting and worthwhile ideas to chase further. Scrivener allows me to search the entirety of what I have put into it and I plan to use the search function often in the following months. One thing I have noticed from the long hull of entering data is that some of the first few entries will need to be revisited as I changed the format of information that I have entered. This I will need to do perhaps in the final week of this challenge to ensure uniformity. I presume that this resource will expand and be developed in different ways over the years as I work toward my book and am glad that now finally I have everything in a reachable place for easy access.