Summer Challenge: Week 14

My database has expanded this week and my teaching prep is all finished. For the latter, my goal was to make sure all powerpoint slides and listening requirements are set up and textbooks were ordered for the bookstore. All I will need is a couple of hours per week to prepare for my classes during the semester rather than the 4-5 which I have normally spent before. The fact that I am teaching a class for the second time in the fall makes a world of difference in my preparation level! The prep for each class still took about 3 hours per class but now I can leave that behind and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

I have divided up work for my database and assigned days during the next four weeks to accomplish each task. If I stay on track, I will have a completed database to play around with in the fall. I also took time this week to dig up an article that I needed to leave alone for a while to gain perspective. I spent a day working on editing the first half out and considering other aspects that the article still needs. Having done this, I plan to assign a few days in the fall to get this wrapped up and sent off for review, hopefully within this calendar year.

In addition to getting tasks done, I have been very active this summer, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Last weekend I took a 40 mile bike ride and I have been swimming almost every other day. This is keeping me refreshed and focused!