Summer Challenge: Weeks 10, 11, 12

I had a wonderful vacation in the wilderness watching fireflies in the evening and swimming in ponds during the day. I am now more than ever convinced that this type of time away is an essential part of being human.

After coming home from a very refreshing time away in week 10, I was forced to change my work schedule to accommodate an unexpected interview. For weeks 11 and 12, I stepped away from my normal to-do list, quickly assembled a new task list and worked through the necessary steps to make me feel as ready as I could be for the task. There are two things that I found myself reacting to as I did this: 1) I was happy that I already had a long-term todo list scheduled because I knew that although I had to take a week off, all of my lists would stay in one place where I could find them again and hopefully get back into the swing of things when I returned and 2) I was able to use all of my task master devices and methods and apply them to a short-term goal immediately.

Now, however, I am having a hard time finding the motivation to step up to the level of discipline that I had before this two-week side track. I am hoping that today as I schedule my new tasks for the week, I can find the motivation to get back on track with my reading and summarizing that needs to get done. I have 6 more weeks before a new schedule with teaching prep and other commitments will come my way. Perhaps that will help whip me into shape quickly!


You can do this, because you love it.
Keep up with good vibes!