Summer Challenge, Week 13

Summertime at Walden Pond
Five more weeks left to my 18 week challenge!

I am back on track with where I wanted to be in my work at this point in the summer and am very pleased with this! After my post last weekend, I felt that I might need some extra motivation to bring me back into a good state of mind. Instead, I found myself being able to get straight back into my work. This week, I spent a considerable amount of time working out my teaching material for the fall semester. My materials needed some significant updating and re-examination after sitting in my folders for two years.

I have been working on creating one large database for a long-term project. Having finished the tasks that I had planned out at the beginning of the summer over this weekend, I am now going to spend several hours working on the next set of tasks for the upcoming few weeks. This will take me right into the end of summer and enable me to have access to a beautiful database during the busier months of the year. I still need to identify a major project that I will be working on in the fall and in the next few weeks will create a list of tasks in my Things app to keep me working and writing.