Summer Writing Challenge: Week 6

Chapter Complete! Bring out the beer!!!
I am celebrating this afternoon because I just sent off my chapter back to my editor. I am very happy to have this off of my desktop and into someone else's hands. Until further editing is required, I can now focus on my other research that I have planned for the summer.

The chapter came together quickly in the end but at the same time took more time than I had originally imagined. A method I used to make sure that I made daily progress was to break each section down into smaller parts and concentrate on one idea at a time. Because of my work schedule (see my older post about my current pseudo alt-ac situation) I normally only find 2-4 hours a day of uninterrupted work. My first degree was a piano performance degree and I spent it practicing most days. I loved it. One thing that I find very similar between writing and practice is that sometimes short intense sessions on a difficult passage is the most effective way to proceed. Those times that I spent 6 hours in front of my instrument were often not the most productive. At the moment, most tasks have to be done in small increments and I work on these in between work hours. I also use the time to walk to and from work to sort out ideas that have been bothering me. So, even when I only have an hour here or there, they are extremely useful in different ways.

For those tasks that I know take longer or are more complicated, I have, until now, been keeping a mental todo list. I work on this list on Friday, my designated research day. I say "until now" because for my birthday my partner downloaded Things onto my computer so that I can keep track of all of my projects more efficiently. He has used Things for years now and gets little tasks done all of the time. My favorite task that he has is 'Water Plants' -- when he jumps out of his seat and heads towards the kitchen to fill the watering can, he is ticking off on of his tasks for the day.

Last night I sat at my desk and put in all of the different projects that I have, would like to have, and need to finish into my new program. I have also started to talk to Siri and ask her to make reminders for me on my phone. I love technology and would like to use all of the tools available to me to make my life easier and more efficient. In less than 24 hours, I can already see how Things is going to help me make sure that I get all tasks done, not just thought of.

This blogpost is early this weekend because it is my birthday this weekend. I have a packed weekend full of food, friends, and fun and I won't be wanting to do very much work! But before the fun begins in full swing, I need to set up tasks for next week so that I can get straight back to work on Monday morning.