Summer Writing Challenge: Week 5

This week I began my two-week four classes of summer teaching at the Boston Conservatory. Because I had my first two classes almost back to back, and I normally take longer to prepare for classes when I don't know my students very well, I took time away from my normal writing routine for preparation. My role over the two weeks is to give the students to a working knowledge of writing outlines and preparing for a longer draft which they will present at the end of the six week course. It has been a nice little reminder for the importance of working with outlines, something I admit I don't always do in my first draft. I tend to write up the different sections of my research before writing an outline that helps to refine the overall structure of the piece. Getting back to some of the basic tools for writing with my students has reminded me of the benefits of different writing skills!

Having recently been introduced to Sylvia Townsend Warner's writings, I have spent a good portion of my free time this week reading one of her novels as well as her biography, written by Clare Harman. Townsend Warner is of interest to me for my small project on Louise Hanson Dyer as she also was an editor of early music working at the same time in the 1920s and 30s. It has been refreshing to be introduced to a new author and learn more about an era which continues to fascinate me. It is also a nice break from thinking purely about academic writing and let the brain wonder in creative directions that I don't normally have a chance to indulge in.

Other little tasks (reading and commenting on a colleague's article, administrative work) took precedent this week but I still managed to fine a good amount of time to edit out the opening section of my chapter. I am very pleased with how this has taken shape now. This week, I will work on at least two more of these sections to carefully edit out my silly little writing habits. I really don't like this stage of writing very much at all.