Summer Writing Challenge: Week 3

Wondering how Virtual Reality might change
the future of writing!
This week I started off strong with the task of re-writing my chapter. At the beginning of the week, I had some good quiet time which allowed me to focus on the changes that I had decided to make in the previous week.

However, by day 3, I had completely lost this momentum. I struggled to maintain the enthusiasm which had greeted me this week and found it very difficult to regain any type of passion. For some reason, I completely lost concentration and by the mid-week point and found it impossible to write or even think about what I wanted to write. This is definitely reflected in my word count on my spreadsheet.

Luckily, by the weekend I was able to regain some focus and research some new ideas that I want to incorporate into a section of the chapter.

What I have learned from this week is that I should and need to stretch my energy more efficiently across the week. If I feel like I can go ahead and write another paragraph, but that will mean that I can't pick up mid sentence the next day, I should actually not complete that paragraph but save my thoughts for the next day's writing session. I have read about this tactic - of leaving your writing unfinished mid sentence or closing down the computer before you are actually finished with the thought - in many writer's guides. Generally I try to do this so that I know where to begin when I open my computer in the morning. In week 3, I neglected to do this and I think that is the reason for my derailment mid week.

For my fourth week of experimentation, my main goal will be to try to maintain momentum, even if this means concentrated work for a couple of hours rather than long stretches of forced writing. I will plan to limit my writing sessions to a shorter time with the hope that restriction will bring my concentration back to what I experience when I am rested and energized.