Summer Writing Challenge: Week 2

Editing with a Cup of Tea 
This week I feel was an average week - nothing too exciting happened, nor did it feel that I was bored or find myself with plenty of extra time. I was only able to tackle one of the two tasks I set for myself at the beginning of the week. But what I did get done was worth taking the time to figure out this week.

My chapter for the edited volume is all chopped up again after this week's work. I re-worked my abstract and took some time to make 5 of my paragraphs flow better and arranged in a new format the more closely resembles what the editors are hoping to have from me in the end. It took a whole afternoon of reworking ideas, investigating what I needed to put in place instead of what I had already written down but now I have a better feel for how to incorporate their requests. Everything is back into small and manageable sections in Scrivener where I can tweak things easier than in full draft format.

The results of this week: slow but careful work. Now these will hopefully be beneficial in the next few weeks as I re-write a portion of the chapter.